KickAssMusic has deals from some great companies here in Phoenix and this is the only place you can get these KickAssDeals! Be sure to keep checking back for new deals and new companies! You don’t want to miss out on these exclusive deals. Also we plan to offer giveaways, contest, and exclusive party invites that again you just will not be able to find anywhere else! Don’t forget to spread the word and don’t worry there will be plenty KickAssDeals for everyone! This is your new home for Phoenix Local Music deals, discounts, parties, and giveaways! Help us make this a huge success and finally a intimate Phoenix Music Community that Valley has needed all along. Phoenix Local Music is about to change forever!Phoenix Local Music - Exclusive Deals and Giveaways

Tempe Record Stores | Music Collectables

Asylum’s KickAssDeal is 15% off all used items in the store! Just mention Asylum’s KickAssDeal15 to get this KickAss discount! This store is full of KickAss stuff that you just can’t go without! Be sure to check out the Blue Couch, Dimebag’s Guitar, Music Collectibles, and amazing assortment of great music and various other cool stuff!






Naked Dave's Music | Tempe Music Equipment Store

Naked Dave’s KickAssDeal is 10% off anything in the store. Just mention Dave’s KickAssDeal10 to get this KickAssDeal! Yes it’s that simple but be sure to check back for new deals and promo codes!


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