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Tridon just added a new Bass player in Feb and was in need of new band photos. These pictures turned out great and the best part is I took them! I am not a Photographer by any means but I have seen enough band photos to know about how they should look. I took the approach of Keep It Simple Stupid. What do I mean by that is this. I didn’t waste the bands time with taking them to some “amazing location” way out in BFE that takes hours to get to. In fact we did it right in the backyard of their studio and were they practice. I knew they would be comfortable and feel at home there. This allowed for their true personalities to pour into the pictures. I didn’t over think the shots and most of all I listened to what the band wanted and allowed them to give instant feedback. This made for a great shoot and most importantly the band got what they wanted and more than they expected. I have to admit though Tridon made it easy mainly because they are just professional in every aspect of what they do. I have seen nothing but hard work, passion, and dedication from these guys in every single thing they do. This really translates into their music. You can hear the passion and hard work paying off. I have heard this from many people here in Phoenix including venue owners, fans, and other bands that “Tridon going to be the next big band out of the Phoenix Local Music Scene”.

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